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What do we really want?

What do we really want?
Has this question ever come in your mind??
If not, don’t worry, allow me to share my opinions and thoughts on this…

So, what are the different things that we want in our life?
let’s go one by one

1) Freedom: You all agree that we want freedom, not the independence day freedom, the question is, what type of freedom exactly, there are two types; Relative and Absolute.

What is relative freedom? it is a type of freedom where we, as human beings want a situation better than today and Absolute freedom is freedom which everyone likes, i.e. no boundaries no limits, you are on your own but do we ever get absolute freedom? Think for a few minutes…

Yup! you’re right, we don’t, as Paulo Coelho said: “Absolute freedom does not exist, what does exist is the freedom to choose anything you like and then commit yourself to that decision.” The illusion of living in a happy world created by our-self is very different from what it is in reality, many of us just don’t accept this thing, all we want is “Relative freedom”, instead of this at least try to make your present life, the things you have in your present life, better, be grateful for what you have as there are many other peoples who don’t have what you got, be happy at the moment, enjoy it.

Your future will automatically be happening then, trust me, Although I am a 20-year guy telling this, I have experienced this myself at a very early age and I am grateful for that.

After freedom what is the second thing that we want?

2) Peace of mind: So, talking about peace of mind, what type of peace do we want, the one that animals have, just to eat, sleep, wake repeat. See, peace of mind is not only about having an easy / stress-free life, it is more than that, and that’s satisfaction, satisfaction in terms I would say, the need for getting more than what you have, you say if you’ll get that thing you’ll be satisfied.

Many people don’t like to work extra, they just don’t want to, I don’t know why and whenever someone tells “please do this extra work or let’s do this” they simply reply by saying, I’ satisfied with what I have.According to me, Satisfaction is an excuse of not doing something, think carefully about this, this topic is too deep to cover, some of you might not understand fully.

We want more than what we have, Kitna Bhi hai Kam hai, we always want more! Even if you conquer the world then what? Abhi to Pura sansaar baki hai, milky way, galaxies, the universe, sabh haasil karloge!???

Craving for more even if we got where we want to be. Money, fame, what is it? isn’t it the same things as children do, craving for more and more, many of us haven’t developed as an adult psychologically, just physically, the best example of this is The World Wars, one of the main reasons for it to happen was intentional, i.e. to conquer the enemies land.

Even we, nowadays do things that make us happy just for some time, rather than doing the things that will be beneficial for us throughout our lifetime and makes us happy from within, here we came again! Craving for more, always!

We have been bounded by the society in terms of satisfaction too, that is known as Psychological territory [the one that we have created in our mind based on what others have told us and what we have heard, be it religion or what we call as “it’s my thinking”] and Physical territory [the one that we are always in need of, just to satisfy our need, that’s it.]

Always make sure of one thing ki, koi chiz mile bhi to aise mile jiska fhir jaane ka dar,na ho, kyu ki even when you have conquered the whole world, there will be some another person ready to take it from you.., then only your mind will be peaceful, that’s what actual satisfaction will be.


3) Love: First of all ye love hota kya hai, is it two living beings having affection for each other or two living beings just liking each other???, it’s neither of this xD, first, you have to understand two things, there’s a huge difference between loving something and to like something, for example, if in a garden, you got found a beautiful rose, so you’ll pluck it and smell it after you are satisfied you’ll throw it in the garbage box, that’s known as “to like something” because if you loved it, you must haven’t plucked it instead you would have taken good care of the rose, that’s love.

“Ushe se puchlo uski Ishq ki kimat…Hum to sirf bharose par bik gaye”


Physically aap jude kisi se kuch minute ke liye and then alag hogaye, you were okay till the time you were getting what you want after that one will back down, then there are compromises, a relationship can not be conflict-free, it comes free with the package, one has to take a stand to make things better and have such connection that never breaks, there are many other stages of love that will be discussed in one of my upcoming blogs, later on.

Loving isn’t always easy, there come many sacrifices in it {to be discussed in some other blogs}, let’s talk about relationships nowadays, when we are in relationship, we want to connect with that person in such a way that there’s no chance of getting away or having conflicts with him/her, that is a type of craving, but there are always conflicts.

4) Death: do we love DEATH? no, we want to live forever, don’t you want that you must not get any disease…., by the way, disease ka Matlab kya hai kabhi soche ho? Dis – ease, when you are not at ease, meaning, we always want to be at ease, that’s what I talked about previously, Conflicts, when we are not at ease, it happens, you can say it is a kind of disease.

Disease aren’t always physical, they are mental too, like in relationship if two persons are having conflicts, isn’t it a disease for them both?, here if Psychologically you’re not at ease, that’s not a relationship, that’s a disease.

What else do we want???…. Yeah!

5) Knowledge: Craving to know more, if we remove know, then that’s craving for more! we want the end of knowledge, this type of craving is not craving for more it is to be free from all craving, which is good sometimes in some cases, knowledge kya hai?
to know about things, right. even if maanlo tumhe nhi pata about some things, for example, volleyball rules, mechanisms of car, etc, etc. toh kya hua, it’s okay, thodi koi yamraj aakr tumhe le jayega and you’ll be burned in hell, aisa to nhi hoga na! xD

See, no one is perfect, even if he/she is a master in that field, vo abh bhi us field k bare mein sikh rahe hai by practicing more and more. Ek cheez notice kiye, inlogo ko pata hai abh inka passion kya hai, so they are excelising in it and sharpening their skills, I hope you understood what I am trying to convey and make you understand here 🙂

At last…..

6) Suffering: These are also mainly of two types, physical and psychological, physical as in, if we fall, we got hurt, hand is paining, etc, etc, where we can see the scars, and psychological suffering is basically in one word Sadness of our mind, what is psychological suffering, jo hai jitna hai utna sahi nahi hai mujhe aur chahiye, the main root cause for suffering, we came here again, craving for more!

The Main Question now is, How will we Achieve such Satisfaction / Freedom where we are Satisfied with What We Are and What We Have?

Freedom doesn’t mean to revolt, because while in revolt you are still on one side, supporting the ones, this might hurt you, BUT… we all are living the life that has been fed and experienced by us and the society in general if this is, so what’s the difference between a computer and a human brain???

The information that has been set already inside us by the world, that we call “that’s is what I think…..” aka my thinking, it isn’t as different as others thinking, you are giving your opinion on the base of the pre-existing thought that you have if this is what you call solutions, is this a one?

Agar hota toh mil jaata!
kya koi aisa rasta hai???
We’re too eager to agree or disagree, there’s no step for this thing

The Answer is WISDOM: What is this Wisdom???

If we stop thinking about the outside and focus on inside……… okay, first let me clear what’s outside and what’s inside, outside as in the outside world, the things that we are feeling and believing by seeing the world, and inside as in our inside, our psychological mind, if we don’t think about the outside world and how others opinion sometimes affect us, if we think carefully and concentrate enough, a voice should come from within of ‘you asking yourself’ who am I, keep asking this question and one day you’ll be satisfied with the answer you get, I know bahot logo ne kaha hai to try this, but trust me it works, you’ll be then satisfied with what you are and what you have / will have in FUTURE.

I haven’t got my answer yet, still, I believe I’ll someday, won’t lose hope, the key to not give is to stay positive always, having a positive mindset helps a lot and to be with people from whom you get positive vibes, it’ll change you automatically physically and mentally, I can tell you all these things because:

1] – I had the chance to move from my hometown to a complete another city for my studies and 2] – I started learning new things and exploring myself through different mediums

The best example for wisdom is Water and Waves, take it as, Waves = hurdles and Water in which the waves exist and generate randomly.

Be like water, not waves, be any hurdles come in your life, accept it, solve it and move on.

Just remember this thing, You allow your past experience to contaminate the perspective of your present moment ~ (Steven Furtick)

We don’t only live in the age of anxiety, we live in the age of outrage too, it’s on you, how you handle it.. and Everyone comes in our life for some reason, some temporary and few permanent Don’t focus on the temporary, learn the lesson and move on with the Permanents ~(Harsh Shekhawat)

Kya pata hum already free hai par humne sirf society ke isse khud ko you know kuch limitations he rakha hai and not exploring things…maybe!… Jis jagah par hum fase huye hai, for us that’s the real thing.

All we want is everyone’s attention, jo actual mein hum hai, agar vo nazar aajata hai toh that craving ends automatically, might be difficult for many of you to understand, agar tumne khud ko jaan liya hai aache se, not like previous, sab Kuch tum mein he hai, Craving Will End Automatically!

Apart from all this, one thing I want to tell you that, how you earn your money is more important than how much you earn, people nowadays live for vacations, seriously! some even go on vacations with their credit cards, I mean it is nice to go on holidays, but rather than just going on such credit card holidays, which is basically like taking loans from respective banks, try to excelise on what makes you happy and earn through it by smart as well as hard work!

Hope this small article of mine helps you all!

Wishing you the best,


P.S. I hope by reading this you all at least think that do I do some of these things or not and if I do then why and also why shouldn’t I do some things.

P.P.S Only figuring out what you really need doesn’t help, you need to do a s.w.o.t analysis of yourself too, checkout this blog from careerhelp.co.in which helps you do your personal swot analysis.

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